Broadcast Equipment Corporation, better known as BEC, is a boutique sales and exporting company specializing in procuring broadcasting parts for foreign markets. Founded in 1971, and ideally located right outside the island of Manhattan in New York, BEC works with many diverse radio and television stations within Brazil. In addition to securing traditional broadcasting material for our clientele, BEC also exports stage material such as clothing, cosmetics, furniture, accessories, etc. Almost nothing is off limits.

BEC has the structure and knowledge to make sure all of our client’s needs are executed as quickly and efficiently as possible. We integrate all necessary documentation, ensure that everything received is in proper condition, and coordinate shipments accordingly.


Fundada em 1971 a BEC (Broadcast Equipment Corporation) situada em Nova Iorque é uma empresa especializada em comércio exterior, importação e exportação global, intermediação e representação Internacional.

Trabalhamos com diversas empresas brasileiras de rádio e televisão. Exportamos peças, equipamentos, partes e todo o tipo de material de backstage (roupas, acessórios, maquiagens, moveis...).